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George Archer Merit Award 2020 - Michael Ross

The George Archer Cup is the award which annually the Chairman awards to the member who has given great service to the Association in any year, on but more importantly off the field, or put another way, behind the scenes.

After years of dedicated service as the Associations Treasurer, working quietly behind the scenes ensuring the Association functioned. Bills paid, fees paid to members and ensuring money coming in. At the AGM in 2019, Michael had indicated it was time for a break, however, once the pandemic hit, lockdown enforced, all of which made handing over the reins to his successor difficult to say the least, Michael did not hesitate when asked to continue and did so with continuing professionalism and efficiency.

As an Association we would have been in the mire over the last 12 months without this commitment and on a personal level, i can think of no more deserving recipient of this award. It is the first time Michael has won this. Congratulations Michael and thank you.

Gary Blair