Northern Ireland Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers

What We Do


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Kevin McConville

Jeff McCormack

Noel Irwin

Cecil Johnston

Reggie McNally

Joe Moore

Tom Patterson

Wylie McKinty

Laura Caughey

Alex Rennie

Jonny Kennedy

Tony cole

Raj Sharma

Louis Arneill

Oliver Thorpe

Brian Blakely

Harry McCammon

Andrew McCullough

Arthur Thompson

J.E. McCall

Paddy O'Hara

Paul Boreland

Peter White

Phil Thompson

Alvyn Maginnis & Trevor Magee

Alan Waugh

Keith Smith

Gary McCormack

Murray Power

Noel McCarey

Trevor Magee

Sam McConnell

Trevor Dempsey

Dessie Milne

Hugh Shields

Roddy McKay

Carl Williams

Richard Campbell