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NIACUS - Dress Code for Umpires 2019

The good name and reputation of NIACUS in part depends on the appearance of its members. To uphold and protect that good name and reputation, NIACUS has agreed a dress code for umpires. That code applies to all members who have been appointed by the Association to officiate at matches under the auspices of the Northern Cricket Union or other bodies, unless those bodies require and provide other clothing.

Umpires should arrive at the ground in appropriate, smart casual clothing.

Whilst officiating, umpires should wear clothing as prescribed in this code. Ideally, both umpires should be similarly dressed. All clothing, including footwear and headgear, should be clean, tidy and smart and not appear to be shabby.

Apart from the badge of the Association, no other logo or badge should be displayed on the clothing unless approved by the Association.

The wearing of a hat is voluntary.

Members should note that failure to adhere to this code may be taken into consideration when appointments are being considered and/or could ultimately result in disciplinary action being taken.

From the start of the 2018 season, umpires should be clothed as follows:

Shirt - Grey NIACUS polo shirt (long or short sleeved).
Trousers - Navy or black (shorts are not permitted).
Footwear - Predominantly white shoes(black sports shoes, or black with a white sole, may be worn in matches in white-ball cricket).
Jacket - Grey NIACUS blouson jacket.
Sweater(s) - Cricket sweater(s) may be worn underneath the jacket (but not instead of a jacket).
Headgear (if worn) - A hat with a brim, a flat cap or protective headgear are all acceptable (baseball caps, cricket caps, bobble hats etc are not permitted). In red-ball cricket the headgear should be predominantly light grey, white or off-white; in white-ball cricket headgear should be predominantly grey or blue. From the 2019 season, umpires may wear ECB/ACO baseball caps (white or navy depending on whether it is red-ball or white-ball cricket) - no other baseball caps are acceptable.

NIACUS Executive Committee
October 2018